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Alabama Notary Education Course

Alabama Notary Education Course
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Notaries play a vital role in the advancement of commerce, legal actions, and personal business in the United States. Your interest in notary education proves your desire to uphold the prestige of the office by being informed, advancing your understanding of proper notary law and protocol, and protecting yourself, your employer, and the public through adherence to correct policies and procedures.

To help meet the educational needs of Alabama notaries, the American Society of Notaries has created this informative online course to provide a full understanding of the notary's role in society and obligation to the lawful and ethical execution of official duties.

ASN's notary education courses are written and edited by notary experts. Periodic review and editing of the ASN’s Alabama Notary Study Course is performed by the executive staff of ASN.

Civil Law Notary: Alabama law provides for appointment, by the Secretary of State, of Civil Law Notaries.  To be eligible for this appointment, the person must be a member of the Alabama Bar Association (an attorney admitted to practice in Alabama) for at least five years prior to appointment.  Civil Law Notaries may perform all the duties of Alabama’s traditional (common-law) notaries, and are additionally authorized to perform certain acts that are common to civil law practice.  This course is written specifically for common-law notaries, and does not address Civil Law Notary requirements or powers in any manner.

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Alabama Notary Education Course

Alabama Notary Education Course

Alabama arrow Notary Education arrow Alabama Notary Education Course